How Australia transformed English, A real story behind Australian slang

From Bondi to Bells, Noosa to Cable, Australia is renowned for its beautiful beaches. Less well known is the way beach culture has influenced Australian English. If you were told to ‘put on your cossies and thongs’, ‘grab the esky’ and ‘watch out for any Noahs’, you would be forgiven for bewilderment.
Australia’s mainland coastline spans more than 30,000km (47,000 if you include coastal islands) and has 10,685 beaches, according to the Coastal Studies Unit of Sydney University. Eighty-five per cent of the population live within 50km of the coast, which is home to seven of Australia’s eight capital cities. It’s not surprising then, that many Australians love the beach lifestyle.
Mark Gwynn, researcher and editor at the Australian National Dictionary Centre in Canberra, has studied the lingo surrounding Australian beach culture, which he believes includes about 100 terms.

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