Only Nawaz Sharif holds the power to give direction to the party

Islamabad(BBC ASIA) Federal Minister for Railway Saad Rafique has said that in PMLN only Nawaz Sharif holds the power to give direction and narrative to the party. Maryam Nawaz is our younger sister, she is not our political leader.

“Our leader is Nawaz, and after him Shehbaz,” Rafique said while talking to media.

He emphasised that the two brothers are two sides of the same coin.

Responding to a question about rumours regarding the party’s leadership, Rafique said that there is ‘no question about Nawaz’s leadership in the party.

Discussing the PML-N’s prime ministerial candidate for the upcoming general elections, Rafique said that if Nawaz remains to be legally barred to hold public office, Shehbaz could prove to be a ‘very capable prospect.’

“The future PML-N prime ministerial candidate shall be decided when the time comes,” he said, “Nobody has worked for the country in the past 70 years the way Shehbaz has, and he can prove to be a very capable candidate.”

The minister also refuted rumours of the party resorting to taking revenge from institutions.

“Our party has never declared that it shall take revenge for the unfair behaviour towards the party,” he said.

“The PML-N has never clashed [with institutions] and nor will it do so because it is not in the best interests of Pakistan,” Rafique insisted. “We shall hold on to patience and pass through this turmoil.”

He said that the ‘unfair behaviour’ is not a new trend and it has continued for a long time but speaking up against it isn’t wrong.

“Our fight isn’t personal, it is based on principals.”

Rafique stressed that the PML-N had never resorted to hatching conspiracies, levelling allegations or defaming ‘others,’ but it shall raise its voice through constitutional channels.

“Addressing our supporters in our constituencies is our fundamental right and there is nothing wrong with speaking to our voters,” the PML-N leader insisted.

Earlier today, Nawaz, weighing in on the debate surrounding the minus-Nawaz formula for PML-N, remarked that it is the decision of the nation and not individuals.

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