Please restore land of Clarkbad trust,apeal

Lahore:  St. Peter Church Clarakabad (Kasur, Punjab) Pakistan was Established by The Late Rev. Robert Clark (1825-1900).Two adjoining pieces of land measuring 940 acres and 856 acres respectively were given to the Christian tenants of clarkabad to accomplish the following goals of trust. Construction of St. Peter’s Church, Construction of boys and girls high schools and hostels, Construction of an orphanage, Dispensary and staff residence. The agricultural land remained under use of the community for cultivation 50% of the income from this land went to the telnets and 50% for the  trust. In 1964 the land was (nationalized) by the government of Pakistan and all the social institution which were running on the revenue generated from this land, become non-functional due to unavailability of funds.The education, health and social setup of the Christian community was severely disrupted. The Social workers and educated people of this community tried to restore the crown granted land but the government did not cooperate. Committee  for restoration of this land has active and do effort to restore the land to the Christians and have been working for this matter since 2015. We have submitted writ petitions, which are pending in the civil administration offices, chief minister of the Punjab office, Board of Revenue and in lower courts and High Court Lahore. (Record of applications and writs is available if interested). Mr.Salman David convener Committee  for restoration of this land with his team appeal to higher authorities that special attention should be paid for the restoration of the trsut  land.

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