Sindhi people needs change the most because highest rate of corruption

Islamabad(BBC ASIA) Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan has in a video message to the people of Sindh regarding his party power in Sehwan that Sindhi people needed change the most because of highest rate of corruption in the province.

It is the people of Sindh whose share is the highest in the looted money that has been stashed abroad,” he said.

Through his message, apparently recorded at his Banigala residence, Mr Khan appealed to the people of Sehwan to attend the public meeting in large numbers. In the public meeting, the PTI chairman added, he would “present future steps his party would take to bring Sindh out of this quagmire”. Secondly, he would also tell the people about plans for development of Sindh.

He said that the PTI would present a programme to eliminate poverty and unemployment from the province where “there is no rule of law” at present.

“Small farmers are not even getting water whereas big farmers and the influential are getting benefits of all sorts,” he added.

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