UAE becomes first-ever country to appoint minister for Artificial Intelligence

Dubai(BBC ASIA) United Arab Emirates has become the first-ever country to appoint minister for Artificial Intelligence.

After establishing a post of the Minister of Happiness last year, the Gulf Kingdom has taken another unconventional step.

The introduction of the new hi-tech position was announced by Vice President and Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum on Thursday.


The Tweet roughly translates as “We announce the appointment of a minister for artificial intelligence. The next global wave is artificial intelligence and we want the UAE to be more prepared for it.”

27-year-old Omar Sultan Al-Ulama, who was previously the Deputy Director of the Future Department since 2014, will take charge of the ministry.  He also held a position in the Executive Committee of the World Government Summit (WGS) designed to share government-building experiences and innovations among different nations.

Back in May, The world’s first robot policeman officially joined Dubai’s police force. The autonomous Robocop entered the line of duty by greeting guests and patrolling the halls at the three-day Gulf Information Security Expo and Conference.

Last week, the police of United Arab Emirates (UAE) capital city Abu Dhabi announced that they will soon use ‘smart glasses’ or augmented virtual reality glasses to catch criminals.

The smart glasses has a micro-camera that will use artificial intelligence to automatically scan hundreds of faces in a crowd and will send a notification to authorities when it comes to a wanted person.

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