War for the Planet of the Apes

The third part of the rebooted trilogy has drawn praise for offering a fitting climax to a critically-acclaimed blockbuster franchise, balancing epic action with nuanced performances. According to Empire, “After the last film’s ballistic finale, it would have been easy for Matt Reeves to sit back and hurl fur and fireballs at the screen for two hours… But Reeves is no Michael Bay, and War is a more subtle beast than its title implies.” The Telegraph describes the film as a soulful, mesmerising spectacle, arguing “Reeves marshals more than his fair share of battle scenes and sweeping set-pieces, but never forgets the flicker of a face can provide all the spectacle that cinema requires.” Andy Serkis reprises his role as the leader of the apes, Caesar, who leaves his tribe on a revenge quest that ends in a battle between humans and hominids. It’s as much about internal as external conflict, with EW commenting that “like Caesar and company, the films seem to be getting more intelligent and human as they evolve”. On general release from 11 July. (Credit: Twentieth Century Fox)

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